Willis Office Centre

Our new number is 936-239-6743

Willis Office Centre is still here to serve you!

First I want to thank the friends and family of the Willis Office Centre and say how much I miss seeing you all in person.

Due to several family tragedies I have decided to move the Willis Office Centre into Cyberspace. While I obviously will not be there to handle your fax, copy, notary, and office supply needs, I am still available for business cards, invoices, contracts and wills.

These are easily done via phone and email and I will be happy to assist you with these and any other questions you may have. The phone number has been transferred to my cell phone and I will endeavor to return your calls as quickly as I may.

The Walgreens behind the Kroger at I45 and 1097 are available for drop off only, and all other packages that need FedEx shipping or labels printed will have to be taken to the FedEx located at I45 and 105 across from the Target.

Thank you so much for your trust in me these last four years, and I appreciate your business and your friendship. I will miss you. And thank you for using the Willis Office Centre.

Cheryl and Nala